by Susan Adamek

I recently attended a glorious choral concert at St Mary’s College. It was an anniversary event featuring the Saint Mary’s College Women’s Choir and the South Bend Chamber Singers. Each piece of the program was special on to itself, and the entire concert transported the audience into another mind zone. At the time, with the long winter still chasing and harassing us, I was really touched by the words from “Mundi Renovatio” written by Gyorgy Orban born in 1947.

“The fire is flaming freely
The air is spreading out
The water is flooding lively
The earth remains safe and secure;
What is light, comes to the top
What is heavy goes to the bottom
Everything is renewed.

The sky is not so cloudy, sad
The seas are tranquil
The winds are not wild and cold
Our valley begins to blossom
What was gray is green again
(What was cold is warm again)
Because the spring appears
Everything is renewed.

The whole world is renewed
New joys are born
As the Lord has risen from the dead
Everything is rising
All the elements serve their creator,
Who is great and strong.”

—trans. Agnes C. Szalai

The next concert will be on Sunday, May 18th at 7:30 PM, when the group performs “The Beauty of Brahms” Ein Deutsches Requiem in Brahms’ original transcription for 4-Hand Piano, plus Brahms’ solo songs and motet. You won’t want to miss this event!

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