Good and Tired!

It started last Fall with a dream. John Zanka challenged us to re-imagine the Garden of St. Therese—our unity garden—as a place where we not only grow new things in the form of vegetables for our neighbors, but also reclaim old and discarded things. What if we were to plant the garden in discarded tires? Joyce Barrier took up the challenge, and together they plotted and planned.

All through the Fall and Winter, John gathered discarded tires from around the neighborhood—four—six—thirteen—thirty—and when the weather warmed up, we invited the children of the neighborhood to come paint the tires and create some signs. . .


Next it was time for planting, with seeds and seedlings. . . .

Add a little sun and a little rain, and soon we’re seeing sprouts!

IMG_2456Now we’re seeing the fruits of our labors!

Come join us as we weed, water, grow and harvest!