This Week with Holy Trinity—Lent V

Sunday, April 6 (Lent V)

  • 8am Low Mass in St. Joseph Chapel—Mtr. Terri Preacher/Celebrant
  • 10am Sung Mass at High Altar—Mtr. Terri Preacher/Celebrant

Tuesday, April 8Stations of the Cross, Soup and Scripture

  • 5:45-6:15pm Confessions in the St. Joseph Chapel*
  • 6:30pm Stations of the Cross
  • 7-8:30pm Soup Supper & Bible Study: How do We Hear God?Mirror, mirror (James 1:17-35)

Sunday, April 13 (Palm Sunday)

  • 8am Low Mass in St. Joseph Chapel—Fr. Hugh Preacher/Celebrant
  • 10am Procession with Palms & Sung Mass at High Altar—Fr. Hugh Preacher/Celebrant
  • 2pm Five-Congregation Prayer Walk around the neighborhood with Palms—Meet at Epworth UMC
  • 4pm Rehearsal for Holy Week Services


* Those wishing to make their confessions should gather in the chapel and then go with the priest in turn to another part of the church for greater privacy

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