Strengthening Our Community: A Church and Neighborhood Conversation

Time2ListenOn May 3, 2014, the Church of the Holy Trinity will host Strengthening Our Community: A Church and Neighborhood Conversation. This conversation, which will take place at the church from 10:30am – 2:00 pm, gives all of us the opportunity to hear from our neighbors about what they recognize as the needs of the neighborhood, what work is already underway in the neighborhood, and how we can work together as a community both to support and to build upon that work.

StrengtheningWe invite you both to join us in this important conversation and to invite anyone you know who lives or works in our part of the West Side. Our goal in this conversation is to listen, and what we hear from our neighbors will inform our work and our partnerships in the months to come.

Our conversation will be facilitated by Rev. Ronald Peters, the Henry L. Hillman Professor of Urban Ministry at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and Director of the Metro-Urban Institute. Rev. Peters’ participation is being co-sponsored by Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana and the Africana Studies Department of the University of Notre Dame.

I want to give thanks in advance for all those who are working and have been working hard to make this conversation possible. God has been doing amazing work in all of them!




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