Breaking the “School to Prison Pipeline”

I just got the following information from our friend Cheryl Ashe at St. Augustine’s Roman Catholic Church. Looks like something we would want to be a part of!

The Community for Peace and Nonviolence & St. Augustine Catholic Church
‘November Black Catholic History Month’ event:

“Breaking the ‘School to Prison Pipeline’: What Faith-Based Organizations and People Can Do”

Saturday, November 14, 2015
St. Augustine Church, 1501 W. Washington St.

Community for Peace and Non-Violence (CPNV), which hosts each 2nd Saturday an event at one of its member churches, will use this event to continue the dialogue recently begun at Indiana University – South Bend on the “School to Prison Pipeline.”

We hope to delve into the cause and effect of U.S. hyper-incarceration, which not only affects dignity, respect and opportunities within marginalized communities (especially African Americans) — it harms the dignity of society itself.  We’ll also explore how faith-based organizations
can develop solutions to breaking the pipeline.

In particular, this particular session will explore the front end of the pipeline – youth and schools.  Who are our youth today?  What is their environment?  What challenges do they face?  What opportunities exist for them in South Bend?   How can faith-based organizations and people do to better their outcomes in life?

This ecumenical event will include a brunch, a speaker, and youth presenters, and is open to all.

Cheryl Ashe