Survey for Diocesan Profile

I just took a moment to look over the survey for those unable to attend the diocesan listening sessions. Because these are questions that ask for some reflection, I am going to post them here so that you can do that reflection before you go to the survey site:

  1. What experiences in your parish do you value most? How have you changed as a result of these experiences?
  2. In what ways has the diocese been a blessing to you or your parish?
  3. When Jesus comes to Northern Indiana, what one thing do you want Christ to see in the Episcopal Church?
  4. What opportunities and challenges face the diocese and bishop in the next five years?
  5. What else would you like us to know?

Note that your responses to these questions will help the search committee create a diocesan profile. Folks thinking about whether to put their (friends’/colleagues’) names in as candidates will read through this profile to get an idea of who we are, what we value, and whether we’re the kind of folks they would like to shepherd through the next several years.

Later on in the process, we will get an opportunity to ask the candidates where they stand on various issues that are important to us. This survey is as close as the candidates will get to asking us about what we find important.  Please take the time to participate, either in person, online, or by mailing in one of the paper forms in the parish hall.

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