Neighborhood Summerfest!

Come one, come all, for a casual neighborhood gathering right in Holy Trinity’s backyard!

As part of our effort to form deeper relationships with our neighborhood, the Church of the Holy will be hosting a backyard party on Saturday, June 28th from 5-8pm. Featuring free food and live music, the party will be a kick-off for what we hope will be an ongoing outreach effort. This first event will include:

  • live music
  • free food
  • a little gardening
  • bible stories and crafts for the kids
  • a prayer circle
  • a sampling of educational and social service resource

This first event will focus on sampling some of the things we could do together as neighbors, while soliciting ideas from neighbors about what kinds of activities they would like to play a part in. So, while we will have materials and very brief presentations from different educational and social service groups who might present more substantial programs at Holy Trinity in the future, we will also have space for folks to list what kinds of presentations they would like to have. Likewise with music, crafts, food etc. . .

Our primary goal is to get to know our neighbors better, so do come and hang out in the backyard with us!




2 comments on “Neighborhood Summerfest!

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